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   All About ResinMoldTM                                   Updated May-2012


  Brief Description:

  ResinMoldTM is made from a syntactic polymer compound with a cellular structure quite similar to wood and may be handled much the same as wood and

  stains same as wood.  It is fairly rigid to touch but still flexible.   There are 1000's of profiles that match their wood and ArchPolymerTM counterparts. 

  It can be used for Concave and  Convex Curves and Arches.   Even complex crowns mouldings with dentils can be made from for these applications.


  ResinMoldTM is water, rot and insect resistant, thus it is very suitable for wet areas. It is great for Interior and Exterior applications.

  For most profiles it is custom made per order, although certain profiles may be stocked.


 Straight Lengths:

 All profiles are available in Straight lengths.  Perfect for swimming pool applications or wet basements. For some huge radius curves

 the concave or convex curve is so slight that straight lengths will be supplied as the product is flexible.


 Curved Walls:  Concave and Convex

 There are Crowns, Baseboards, Casings, Wainscoting, and Quarter Rounds available in ResinMoldTM.

 For tight radius applications, consult with one of our consultants regarding the suitability of the profile and it's ability to be created to go around tight corners.

 You may be asked to supply a cardboard template to produce the mold. You must supply us with a drawing of the application. 

 For large radius applications,  a template should not be necessary especially for baseboard or quarter-rounds.



 There are Crowns, Casings, Wainscoting available in ResinMoldTM

 You must supply us with a drawing of the arch that you want to have made. 

 We require the mid point Rise and Horizontal run measurement.   We also need the  various rise measurements at 12" increments to draw the arch on CAD. 

 This will provide the correct rise of the true arch or eyebrow.  In certain cases you will be required to supply us with a cardboard template of the arch. 

 Tell us if us want both sides of a door or window frame created.



 Circles are actually two mirrored arches. An example of a circle application would be a ceiling ring to enlarge a ceiling medallion or resin to go around a circular

  window or column.  You must supply us with a drawing of the circle that you want to have made. 

 We require the radius of the true circle or circumference.  Tell us if us want both sides of a door or window frame created.


 Matching Your existing Profile

 We require a 12 Foot piece of the profile you want to match in order to create a mold for your molding. All custom orders are priced by our custom



 Creating a Unique Molding

 In association with Martin Richards Design we can create on CAD a unique custom profile of frieze or any molding.  We would need to create a custom

 wood carved plug, then molds, then the final ResinMoldTM product.   All custom orders are priced by our custom department. 


 Ordering Product:

 In order to serve you better you will be required to supply us with a drawing. For tight radius applications we need a paper or cardboard template.

 For most profiles the minimum order is 6 Feet with maximum lengths close to 12 Feet.  Every profile has a different length option.


 How do I know how much I need:

 We will calculate the amount of ResinMoldTM required with a modest extra amount once we receive a drawing from you.  A written quote will be produced

 and faxed or emailed to you with a payment form.  We do not take verbal order. Remember to tell us if you require the profile for each side of the arch or



 How is it installed:  

 For a tight radius, warm up the product to allow maximum flexibility. 


 Cutting: ResinMoldTM cellular composition cuts and machines the same as wood. Any saw, router, shaper, or molding machine may be used as needed. 


 Nailing:  It can be nailed or pined with a nail gun without pre-drilling - the same as the wood counterpart.

               On arches we recommend starting at the center and moving outwards to the ends. 


 Gluing:   It is necessary to use a quality construction adhesive before nailing. Run a continuous line of adhesive when applying. Any glue or adhesive that

 will bond to wood will bond to ResinMoldTM. The back side of each part is sanded to create a better bonding surface. Unsanded ResinMoldTM moldings

 are not always receptive to adhesive and can cause adhesion failure during installation. 


 Finishing:  It comes primed and is paintable & stainable


 Staining:  ResinMoldTM flexible molding cannot be stained the same as wood. ResinMoldTM is primed with an all purpose, porous primer.

 For best results, add a clear glazing compound to the wood stain. Normal ratio of mixing the glazing compound with the stain is one part glazing liquid to two

 parts of stain. Stains for synthetic products are specially made to work over these surfaces.  In doubt, always test a small section of the moulding before

 staining the entire piece. 





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